About Us

The Old is Forever New

We wanted to bring an easy and simple way to clean your cast iron cookware without wondering if you are doing it the "right" way. After years of experience and many dirty cast irons later, we found that the best method happens to be the traditional method of using salt. 

3 pack cast iron cleaning kit


When it comes to cleaning your cast iron, salt is a tried and true method to cleaning and seasoning your skillets. We were inspired to create The Original Cast Iron Cleaning Co. by our friends and family. We watched so many we know scared to cook with cast iron, unsure how to clean it, and grabbing a non-stick pan instead because of the unknowns, even though we all know cooking with cast iron takes your food to another level, something a non-stick skillet will never provide.

cleaning cast iron pan

Cleaning cast iron with salt is a method used by both at-home cooks and renowned chefs. The Original Cast Iron Cleaning Co. Kit was created with the help of a dear friend & chef who's culinary skills were developed at Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris. She worked with Julia Child and Simone Beck in Southern France during her education. She shared her insights for cleaning cast iron, and together, we fortified the process by incorporating our proprietary, all-natural, coarse-cut salt.