How to Clean Cast Iron With Salt


This Kit is the Best Way to Clean Cast Iron

In a greasy, grimy cast iron skillet, nothing is more effective at cleaning than our proprietary coarse-cut salt. Our salt is extremely effective at cleaning cast iron pans because of its big & tough individual granules making it more abrasive to clean with than Kosher Salt. If you’re wondering how to effectively clean cast iron with salt, we’ve provided you with step-by-step instructions, below: 

How to clean cast iron with salt:

  1.  Gently scrape left over bits out of your cast iron.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of cooking oil into cast iron and heat pan on stove to warm oil.
  3. Using your Cast Iron Cleaning Co. Salt & Spoon, scoop one spoonful of salt into pan.
  4. Scrub your cast iron with cotton towel, once your pan is clean wipe out excess salt and oil into garbage or compost bin.

The combination of salt, oil, and heat leaves your cast iron is clean and seasoned for the next use!

Rugged American Salt

Ready to work and do the job right. Our salt is harvested in America. It's 100% natural, coarse-cut salt specifically selected by our founders. It is extremely effective at cleaning cast iron pans because it's harder and features bigger individual granules which makes it more abrasive and also easier to clean up than Kosher salt. AND, you'll use A LOT LESS of our salt per cleaning than you would if you were using Kosher which means our salt costs the same or less than Kosher to do the job right!

So many who love to cook, love to cook with cast iron. Chefs use it religiously. But, one of the big questions is 'how do I clean my cast iron skillet?' Many experts will tell you salt is the answer. And the original Cast Iron Cleaning Co kit is the best way to get your cast iron clean and seasoned in about one minute!